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Mill Cottage: Our Paint

If you follow my home account @ourmillcottage you’ll know I’m a big fan of colourful interior. We’ve gone for a green / pink colour scheme throughout our home, with the help of these paints…


Before we’d even started our home search, we knew we wanted a bold, statement kitchen. After searching and saving a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, we came to the conclusion that our hearts were set on green kitchen cabinets!

We visited various kitchen showrooms, and soon realised that our budget didn’t quite stretch to our desired look. In the end, we made the (slightly scary) decision to buy a brand new white IKEA kitchen and paint it ourselves. You can read my Guide to Painting an IKEA Kitchen if you fancy taking the plunge and doing something similar yourself.

As we’d already chosen these gorgeous patterned floor tiles for a feature in our kitchen, we wanted to find a shade of green which would compliment nicely. After searching through various samples (and actually struggling to get our hands on any paint due to being in the first national lockdown), I came across Lick. At the time, Lick was only recently established and so I’d not actually ever heard of them before. I ordered some swatches anyway, and instantly fell in love with Green 04. It’s a gorgeous warm dark green with hint of blue, and matched our colour scheme perfectly.

I was a little apprehensive to order paint online from a new business, but I’m so glad we did as it’s 100% the best paint I’ve ever used. The coverage and general quality is incredible. We went with the matt finish and 8 months later it’s still holding up brilliantly!

Also to note, Lick paint goes a long way! Baring in mind, we’ve painted all of our kitchen cupboards, end panels, kitchen island and corner bench and we’ve used under 2 tins.

Click here to read Lick’s article on our home

Living Room

When it came to our living room, we knew we wanted to go bold. We had already fallen in love with both our green Scott Sofa and this beautiful French Connection Pink Rug, so we thought… why not bring them both together! And as a result, it created this gorgeous contrasting colour scheme.

For the walls, we managed to narrow our choices down to three shades of pink. In the end, we went with Valspar Cherry Caramel as it’s beautiful dusky pink hues complimented the rug perfectly, as well as creating a lovely contrast with the sofa.

As our walls are quite high, we chose not to go full-height with the paint. Using frog tape, we created a band of white at the top of the walls to break up the colour, and tie in with the white skirting boards.

For a more subtle contrast, we then chose Valspar Petal Grove for both door frames. This is slightly paler than the wall colour, and acts as a great transition from our kitchen colour scheme to our living room colour scheme.


The main goal for our bedroom was for it to feel relaxing and fresh, and Dulux Tranquil Dawn definitely helped achieve that. We first came across Tranquil Dawn when it announced as the Dulux Colour of the Year 2020. After grabbing a sample pot, we knew this would be the perfect way to add a more subtle pop of colour to our bedroom.

It’s such a calming colour, which we’ve found it subtly changes throughout the day depending on the light. Like the living room, we used tape to create a white band at the top of the walls to break up the colour.

For a bold contrast, we chose Farrow and Ball Inchyra Blue for both the doors and door frames. It’s a gorgeous dark blue / green which again, like the walls, alters depending on the time of day.

Spare Bedroom

The idea for our spare bedroom was to create a bright, fun space as this is where we both work most days – and let’s be honest, we need all the inspiration we can get when working from home!

We opted for Valspar Fir Tree at half height, which gives a nice fun element to the room.

Like the living room, we also painted our door frame and door in Valspar Petal Grove. Along with the curtains, it gives a lovely bold contrast with the green walls.

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